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Check Your Mail for Verification Requests

If you are one of the thousands of Penn State students who have been selected for the federal process of Verification, you will receive a letter at your home address with a request for information.

Verification is a federal regulation that requires colleges and universities to verify the information provided by students and parents on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

If you have been selected for Verification, it is because we need to correct conflicting information, fill in missing information, and/or verify that the information you submitted is correct. The Verification process is a federal requirement for dispensing federal student aid. To complete this process:

  1. Read all of the letters you get
  2. Provide all of the information requested
  3. Fill in all blanks on the forms
  4. Sign all documents you submit

You have 30 days to provide the information requested or your aid may be cancelled.

For more information and details about the letter(s) you received, visit our Verification section.










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