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Your FAXES: Getting Through & Notified of Receipt

An overview of processing time, best time to send FAXES, and how to know when your documentation has been received.

24 - 48 hour Processing Time

Because we use a secure fax server to scan and review all incoming faxes, it can take up to 24 business hours for your fax to be received. Unless you receive an error message or a busy signal, we ask that you wait 48 hours before re-faxing your documents.

We have a 24-hour FAX server and can receive documentation during off-peak hours like in the evening or early morning.

Monitor your Student Aid Summary Checklist

Once you have attended New Student Orientation, you can see if we have received your documentation by reviewing your eLion Student Aid Summary Checklist.

Prior to receipt of documents you will see a message that states a letter will be mailed. If we have received your documentation, this message will change to say that we are processing and/or reviewing your documentation.

Student Aid Summary checklist before FAX is submitted (click to enlarge)


Received Redux
Student Aid Summary Checklist after documentation is received (click to enlarge)










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