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High Volumes for the Office of Student Aid

We appreciate your patience as we work to serve our students and families.

Each year 75,000 students across all Penn State campuses apply for or receive some sort of financial assistance. The start of the fall semester each year brings a high level of activity as many students and their families take care of steps required to finalize their financial aid. The processes to receive Federal, State and Private funding sources of financial aid are often complex, time consuming and require multiple steps to complete the process. As a result, the current volume of records to be reviewed in the Office of Student Aid is extremely high.

We recognize the frustration experienced by families when they are not able to reach us by phone, but please understand that we have allocated as many of our staff as possible to answer the phones; there are simply more calls than staff are able to respond to at this time of year. We regret this inconvenience.

For families whose students have completed the student aid requirements in a timely manner and if their financial aid record is still under review by the Office of Student Aid, late fees will not be assessed or will be removed as appropriate and where allowed under University policy. We would like to stress that even with a delinquent payment designation placed by the University on your student account, this in no way jeopardizes your 2017 Fall semester course schedule and class attendance.

Please note: neither the late fee, nor the financial hold, can be waived for 1) outstanding balances owed to the University from prior semester charges; or 2) those accounts with balances owing after financial aid is applied to the student account for the current semester.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue our work to complete all financial aid records as quickly as possible.

Anna M. Griswold
Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Education
Executive Director for the Office of Student Aid










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