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Student Aid Timelines and Reminders

Still don't have all of your aid disbursed for Fall? Click the link for additional information about timelines and LionPATH reminders.


  • There is a two-week turn around from when you submit the verification documents until the review is completed
  • Read the forms carefully to be sure that you have included all documents that have been requested
  • If there is an issue with a document or we require additional clarification, we will contact you
  • Continue to monitor your checklist and aid status in LionPATH

Accept Your Aid

  • Grants and scholarships do not need to be accepted (refer to your scholarship award letter for information on writing a thank you note)
  • Your State Grant will accept automatically once we receive the final approval from PHEAA
  • Aid that you need to accept before it will finalize and be shown as authorized aid on the bill:
Federal Direct Loans
Graduate PLUS Loans
Private Alternative Loans

To Do List and Holds

  • Your aid will not show as authorized aid in your financial account if you have any outstanding holds or to do list items
  • Check your 'To Do List' and 'Holds' tabs on the main page of LionPATH to see if there are additional steps for you to complete
  • If you have recently completed items such as your Loan MPN or Entrance Counseling at, then it will take an additional 2-3 business days for that information to reach LionPATH, update your to do list, and authorize your aid
  • Monitor LionPATH for updates

Visual of To Do List in communications Center


  • We will begin the disbursement process on Friday the 10th
  • Grants and scholarships will disburse first. Then the loans will disburse a few days later as we need to request the loan funds electronically from your lender (federal and alternative loans)
  • Funds should begin to hit student accounts late next week and refunds will generally be available after classes begin
  • Monitor your LionPATH account for messages and updates to disbursements, your balance owed, and refunds
  • A new statement will not be generated until next month so view updates in your account

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