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Why is my student aid not on my bill?

Student aid will be disbursed beginning Friday, August 12 for all aid that has been approved for disbursement as anticipated aid on the semester bill.

If aid is not appearing on your semester bill as anticipated aid, please check your Student Center for action items that need to be completed—such as check lists or holds—which will prevent aid from appearing on the semester bill.

Not all aid will disburse right away, even though it is showing as anticipated aid on the bill. For example, the PA State Grant will not disburse until funds are actually received from the awarding agent.

Once aid is disbursed, it will no longer show as anticipated aid on the bill, but will appear in the customer account. Although the posting will happen right after the disbursement, there may still be a window of time where anticipated aid has disappeared but has not yet been posted to the bill.

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