Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/25/2020 - 09:55

Work Study update:

In an effort to continue to support our students, Penn State will continue to pay all  FWS students currently employed in positions during the remote learning period as stipulated in the guidance below.

For FWS Students currently unable to work because of the COVID-19 interruption:

Students may continue to earn FWS during the remote learning period according to their previously established employment schedule.  Please utilize hours submitted during the February 16-February 29 pay period as a guideline for submitting future spring semester payroll hours.  Days/hours entered during the remote learning period should closely reflect those indicated in the February 16-February 29 pay period. Time sheet submissions for earnings may continue for all FWS students through the April 26-May 9 pay period.

Students should enter and submit their times as they would have had they been present for work.  If necessary, students and supervisors should communicate to determine the appropriate entries.  Supervisors should approve time sheets and Workday submissions as normal. 

For FWS students  working on campus or remotely:

FWS students may continue to work on campus if they are engaged in a position allowing them to do so.  In addition, FWSstudents who are able to work remotely may also continue to do so.  Please note that in both cases, students must coordinate their responsibilities and hours with their supervisor and submit their times per the Remote Submission of FWS Times Guidance.  As PSU is “in-session” at this time, FWS guidelines stipulate that students may work a maximum of 8 hours/day and 20 hours/week.

For FWS Students engaged in the Community Service FWS Program or The Nittany Lions Read/Nittany Lions Count Program:

Students and supervisors engaged in these programs will receive a separate communication regarding the process for entering and submitting times.

Please Note:

Both FWS supervisors and students are encouraged to review the latest information and recommendations of the medical, University, and government officials when making decisions regarding their organization's well-being. 

The patience and cooperation of all FWS supervisors and students throughout this process has been greatly appreciated.  If you have further questions or concerns, please direct them to The Office of Student Aid.