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The first round of CARES Act awards have been awarded to students in LionPATH. Please refer to your email for specifics of the award. You will need to complete the "CARES Funding Activity Guide" listed in your To Do List in LionPATH to receive the funds.

You are not required to accept the award. Once the guide is completed, your award will disburse in 24-48 hours. For refund information, please visit the Bursar website.

CARES Funding Activity Guide

For additional assistance in completing your activity guide:

1. Find the activity guide in your LionPATH To Do List.

Find the activity guide in the To Do List

2. On the intro, click mark as read, then next.

Mark as read, then select next.

3. On the agreement, select accept or decline, then save, then next.

Accept or Decline

4. On the submission page, hit finish to submit your response.