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Why Double Pell?


Background and Fast Facts About Doubling the Maximum Pell Grant:

  • The Pell Grant program is the nation’s foundational investment in higher education.
  • Pell Grants help nearly 7 million low-and moderate-income students attend and complete college annually. That is 40 percent of undergraduates at U.S. colleges and universities.
  • Students from all 50 states and all corners of the country—from rural areas to cities to everywhere in between—rely on the Pell Grant program to pursue their college aspirations and achieve a brighter future.
  • Nearly 70 percent of Pell Grant dollars go to students with a family income below $30,000 and nearly 90 percent to students with a family income below $50,000.
  • Pell Grants are especially critical for students of color, with nearly 60 percent of Black students,and roughly half of American Indian or Alaska Native students and Hispanic students receiving a Pell Grant each year.
  • The share of college costs covered by the Pell Grant is at an all-time low.
  • Unsurprisingly, Pell Grant recipients continue to bear disproportionate student debt burdens.
  • Students from low-and moderate-income families are in critical need of additional grant aid to pay for college.
  • Doubling the maximum Pell Grant is a good investment that will boost economic mobility.

Help us urge Congress to #DoublePell