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Disbursement Calendar:

  • May 11: Disbursement of non-federal sources (scholarships, university loans, etc.)
  • June 22: Disbursement of Federal Aid and Alternative loans
  • Early June (or later): PHEAA awarding for summer grants
  • Late June (or later): Disbursement of PHEAA state grants

If you have aid that has not yet disbursed, then be sure to check that you have:

  • Cleared all holds listed in LionPATH
  • Completed all to do list items in LionPATH

The following types of aid must be accepted in order to be applied to your bill:

  • Federal Direct Subsidized Loans
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • Graduate PLUS Loans
  • Private Alternative Loans
  • University Loans
  • Federal Work-Study

Outside Sources

Keep in mind that outside sources such as PHEAA State grants, Private alternative loans, and outside scholarships will not be disbursed until the funds have been sent to Penn State, therefore, it may take longer for the funds to appear in your account then other sources.

When will refunds be issued?

Penn State will refund the credit balance which is the result of Federal financial aid in a student's account within TWO weeks of either the date the aid was credited to the student's account.

Please monitor LionPATH for updates.