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Fall 2019 Student Aid Timelines and Reminders

Wondering when your aid will disburse for Fall 2019? Click the link for information about Fall timelines and LionPATH reminders.


  • There can be a two-week turn around from when you submit the verification documents until the review is completed.
  • Read the forms carefully to be sure that you have included all documents that have been requested.
  • If there is an issue with a document, or if we require additional clarification, we will contact you.
  • Continue to monitor your checklist and aid status in LionPATH.

Accept Your Aid

  • Grants and scholarships do not need to be accepted (refer to your scholarship award letter for information on writing a thank you note).
  • Your State Grant will be accepted automatically once we receive the final approval from PHEAA.
  • Aid that you need to accept before it will show as anticipated aid on the bill and then disburse:
Federal Direct Loans
Graduate PLUS Loans
Private Alternative Loans

To Do List and Holds

  • Your aid will not disburse or show as anticipated aid in your student account if you have any outstanding holds or to do list items.
  • Check your 'To Do List' and 'Holds' links on the main page of LionPATH to see if there are additional steps for you to complete.
  • If you have recently completed items such as your Loan MPN or Entrance Counseling at, then it will take an additional 2-3 business days for that information to reach LionPATH, update your 'To Do List', and authorize your aid.
  • Monitor LionPATH for updates.

Image showing where to find Holds and To Do List in LionPATH.

 Disbursement for Fall 2019

  • The Fall disbursement process will begin on August 16th. By federal regulation, we cannot begin to disburse funds until 10 days prior to the start of the semester.
  • Your aid will no longer show as anticipated aid on the bill as it begins the disbursement process. This is normal. The system is processing your disbursement(s) and moving the funds into your financial account.
  • Grants and scholarships will disburse first. Then the loans will disburse a few days later as we need to request the loan funds electronically from your lender (federal and alternative loans). Refunds will generally be available when classes begin. Estimated dates for fall are August 20th for eRefund and August 27th for paper refund checks. Allow extra time for your bank to process the eRefund and for checks to be mailed.
  • Monitor your LionPATH account for messages and updates to disbursements, your balance owed, and refunds.
  • A new Account Statement will not be generated until September. View updates in your financial account.


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