Limitations on Federal Work-Study Positions


Work-study participants may never work more than 8 hours/day and 20 hours/week when classes are in session. Should you hold more than one work-study position, the sum of all positions may not exceed these limits.

Offered Amounts

  • Typical Federal Work Study per academic year is $3500 for undergraduate students and $4000 for graduate students.
  •  To ensure optimal use through the semester, plan your work schedule before you begin earning funds.
  • Utilize simple math to best plan: (your salary) x (the number of hours you will work/week) x (the number of weeks you will work/semester) … if that total is less than or equal to your semester offer – you are set!... if that total is above your semester allotment – reconsider!)
  • For example, an undergraduate work-study student earning $12.00/hour, planning to work 12 hours/week, wanted to work 14 weeks of the semester. That totaled $2016. Their work-study was $1,750/semester. The student adjusted their weekly schedule to 10 hours/week, and they were able to work for 14 weeks as planned.
  • Increases to Federal Work-Study may be available. Determinations on increases depend on available funding, continued eligibility, and your remaining federal financial need. Requests for increases to work-study may be made by contacting the Office of Student Aid.

Monitor your funds

  • You are responsible for monitoring your balance and communicating with your manager as your funds near exhaustion.
  • You will receive a warning email regarding the balance when you have earned 50% or more of your total funds for the academic year.
  • You will receive a warning email when you are close to exhausting your funds.
  • Over-earning can have negative impacts on your financial aid.
  • At this time, supervisors are not informed directly by the Office of Student Aid.

Changes in eligibility

Federal Work-Study eligibility must be maintained at all times. Should you lose your eligibility it is your responsibility to communicate with your supervisor/manager.