Have a question about your Financial Aid?  

There are many self-service options available to consult before you contact the Office of Student Aid.

Have a question about your bill, payment options, or outside scholarships?

Review the information on the Bursar's site:

If you are inquiring about a Graduate Award or Assistantship, please contact The Graduate School. 

If you are inquiring about a Military Award, please contact the Office for Veterans Affairs. 

Applying for additional aid:

The following Federal PLUS loan and Private Education loan applications are currently available"

  • Fall-only 2022
  • Fall/Spring 2022-23
  • Sprinng-only 2023

Can't decide which to use, view Comparing Federal and Private Student Loans.

Aid not processing:

Have you ACCEPTED your Federal Student and Private Loans on LionPATH?   

  • Don’t know how to accept a loan? Visit our instruction page. 
  • Grants and scholarships will be automatically accepted on the student’s behalf.

Aid not disbursing:

Have you finalized your loan(s) with your lender? 

Have you cleared HOLD and TO DO LIST items on LionPATH?

  • Please review HOLDS and TO DO LIST description(s) for assistance
  • Incomplete items will prevent your federal financial aid from processing
  • LionPATH Statuses:  
    • Initiated = Requested 
    • Received = Reviewed- but not yet complete 
    • Complete = Completed and aid can disburse

Merit scholarships are awarded by the student’s academic college/major, NOT the Office of Student Aid.   

Ready to send an email?

In order for us to better assist you, please note:

  • Parent/guardian must have the Student’s PSU ID (the nine-digit number beginning with a 9. It is not the Access Account ID).
  • Parent/guardian must have Delegated Access on LionPATH in order for us to be able to respond to email about specific aid questions. Use the email account listed with your delegated access or FAFSA.
  • Use your psu email account whenever possible.
  • Provide as much detail about your situation as possible.
  • List specific aid sources.

Send an email