Have a question about your Financial Aid?  

There are many self-service options available to consult before you contact the Office of Student Aid.

Have a question about your bill, payment options, or outside scholarships?

Review the information on the Bursar's site:

If you are inquiring about a Graduate Award or Assistantship, please contact The Graduate School. 

If you are inquiring about a Military Award, please contact the Office for Veterans Affairs. 

Aid not processing:

Have you ACCEPTED your Federal Student and Private Loans on LionPATH?   

  • Don’t know how to accept a loan? Visit our instruction page. 
  • Grants and scholarships will be automatically accepted on the student’s behalf.

Aid not disbursing:

Have you finalized your loan(s) with your lender? 

Have you cleared HOLD and TO DO LIST items on LionPATH?

  • Please review HOLDS and TO DO LIST description(s) for assistance
  • Incomplete items will prevent your federal financial aid from processing
  • LionPATH Statuses:  
    • Initiated = Requested 
    • Received = Reviewed- but not yet complete 
    • Complete = Completed and aid can disburse

Merit scholarships are awarded by the student’s academic college/major, NOT the Office of Student Aid.   

 Ready to send an email? Be sure to have the following: 

  • Parent/guardian must have the Student’s PSU ID.   
  • The PSU ID is a nine-digit number beginning with a 9. It is not the Access Account ID. 
  • Parent/guardian must also have Delegated Access on LionPATH in order for us to be able to respond to email about specific aid questions. 

Send an email