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Aid & the Bill

LionPATH Enrollment Process

You will use LionPATH to enroll for classes. You will be considered "registered" when you agree to the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) and enroll in at least one class.

Why Your Financial Aid May Be Adjusted

What would cause your financial aid to be adjusted and how you'll be notified.

Tuition Bill Due Dates

Tuition bill due dates are available on the Office of the Bursar website.

How to Pay Your Statement

Instructions and information on how to pay your bill, including the Installment Payment Plan, are available on the Office of the Bursar website.

How Your Financial Aid is Disbursed

How and when you will be notified.

How Refunds Work

Information about refunds for withdrawal/drop, excess financial aid, and Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan are available on the Office of the Bursar website.

Verification Selections

When your record shows a (or multiple) verification hold, your aid will not show as authorized aid on your bill until you have complied with the verification request and it has been processed by our office. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about your verification selection(s).

Request for the Return of Loan Funds

Access the request form on the Office of the Bursar website. This form is used to decrease or cancel a loan already disbursed into a student's Bursar Account. Indicate the amount of the loan to be returned on the appropriate line. The form must be signed by the borrower to authorize the return of loan funds. For a Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan, the borrower is the parent, not the student.

Why Your Aid is on Hold

There may be several reasons why your aid is on hold and funds have not disbursed into the student account.

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