Information for current undergraduate students

Student Aid and Scholarships

Because of limited funding, Penn State cannot meet the full demonstrated financial need of all students. Students and their families have the primary responsibility for paying tuition and other costs. Education loans comprise the largest percentage of all available student aid.

Eligibility Information

This section includes some of the most important things you need to know concerning your eligibility at Penn State ranging from explanations of financial need; the effects of F-Grades, dropping classes, and withdrawing have on your financial aid; to your student rights and responsibilities and basic financial aid eligibility requirements.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Your guide through the application and notification process.

Financial Assistance That May Be Available

A list of grants, scholarships, and loans for which you may be eligible.

How Your Financial Aid Relates to Your Tuition Statement

Everything you want to know about how to complete your registration, apply your financial aid to the tuition statement, how your aid is disbursed, and why we may ask for more information.