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News and Updates

Updates, Reminders, and News for Students and Families

Returning Students have been awarded

E-mail Notifications will be generated throughout the day (7/10/18) in batches of 10,000.

Private Alternative Loans

You have compared your PLUS and Alternative Loan options and decided on an Alternative Loan. Go here to learn more.

New Parent PLUS loan Tutorial

Need help to apply. Check this out!

Aid Awarding for Returning Students moved to early July

Monitor your psu e-mail and your LionPATH account for updates.

Summer 2018 Awarding, Billing, and Disbursement Schedule

Mark these dates on your calendar if you are taking courses this summer!

LionPATH Launch Page Has Changed

This will affect staff, students, and parents. Update the link in your browser.

Changing Dates and Deadlines for the 2019-20 Application Cycle

Students applying to Penn State for the 2019-20 academic year (Summer or Fall) will have earlier application deadlines for both Admissions and Financial Aid.

Outside Scholarship Form Policy Change

A recent change in the interpretation of the Federal Guidelines from the Department of Education now prevents Penn State from sharing any FAFSA related data with third party scholarship providers, even with the student’s permission.










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