Study Abroad

Programs not offered by Penn State

If you choose to participate in a study abroad program outside of those offered by Penn State’s Office of Global Programs then you will not be eligible to receive any financial aid through Penn State for the duration of your program. You must take a leave of absence from Penn State for the semester that you will be abroad. Contact your sponsoring institution to inquire about financial aid availability for your program.

Penn State does not participate in student aid-related consortium agreements.

A consortium agreement is a contract between two universities to disburse certain financial aid awards while you are taking courses at another institution. Penn State does not participate in student-aid related consortium agreements.

Students from institutions other than Penn State who are attending Outreach summer programs are also not eligible for financial aid through Penn State.

Penn State programs

Many Penn State students take the opportunity to study abroad using one of the numerous courses of study offered through the Penn State Global. You may be eligible for student aid if you participate in one of these programs.

Benefits of approved Penn State programs:

  • You remain registered as a Penn State student while studying at a foreign institution
  • You pay University Park tuition at the current tuition rate while you are abroad (tuition refers to the cost of your courses only; it does not refer to all of the costs you will incur while abroad)
  • If you are currently receiving financial aid, it will continue to be available for your semester(s) abroad as long as you remain eligible
  • If you are not eligible for federal or state aid, you have the option to apply for a Private Alternative Loan

Refunds for Penn State students who study abroad are not available before the beginning of the semester. Make sure you have requested that your refund be direct deposited into your bank account by signing up for eRefund in your LionPATH account.

If you are interested in study abroad

  • Visit Penn State Global or contact their office at 814-865-7681 to schedule an appointment or request an adviser
  • Learn more about Penn State-sponsored programs, including application deadlines
  • Make sure you are aware of any application deadlines for the semester you wish to study abroad
  • Contact us concerning your eligibility for student financial aid
  • Search for scholarships
  • Review the Prepare for Study Abroad checklist