Direct Graduate PLUS Timeline to Disbursement

Loans as a Credit on Your Student Account Statement

Billing begins in early August for fall semester, January for spring semester, and May for summer semester. Your Direct Graduate PLUS loan will appear as anticipated aid on your student account statement once the following have been completed:

  • You have met the minimum eligibility requirements
  • You have accepted the loan in LionPATH
  • You have completed your federal requirements (loan application approved, MPN has been signed, Entrance Counseling completed)
  • You have complied with verification (if selected)
  • If you have been approved for the Direct Graduate PLUS loan with an Endorser, you must be sure that the endorser completes the "Endorser Addendum" and you have completed your "PLUS Credit Counseling" in addition to the MPN

I Didn't Borrow Enough - Loan Increases

To increase a loan application for the same loan period, you can submit a new application or select the option to "Change the application."

If you choose to change the application:

  1. Include the Reference Number of the application that you wish to modify.
  2. Enter the new total that you want to request not the additional amount you are requesting as this will result in the application entering LionPATH as a decrease.

If you are selecting a different loan period, you will have to submit a new application. You will not be able to change the original application.

I Borrowed Too Much - Loan Decreases

If you want to decrease the amount of your Direct Graduate PLUS Loan, sign in to and request the new (total) amount on your original application—do not submit the amount you wish to decrease the loan by.

If you wish to cancel your PLUS Loan, please contact us.


Per federal regulation, we can begin the disbursement process of federal funds no earlier than 10 days prior to the semester begin date.

Summer Term

Summer loans will not disburse at the beginning of the semester. The disbursement date for Summer will be 10 days prior to the start of Session II. For Summer 2022, the date will be June 20, 2022. Short term loans are available at your campus aid office for students who have started their classes in May and are expecting a refund to pay for living expenses.

Study Abroad

Student's attending an Education Abroad program will have their loan(s) disbursed in two separate disbursements per federal regulation.


  • You will receive your loan disclosures from your federal direct loan servicer indicating that this date will be your actual disbursement date, however, this is only an estimated date of disbursement.
  • The process to request Federal Direct Loan funds and disburse them into your student Financial Account will take approximately 3-5 business days.
  • Be aware that once the funds disburse, they will no longer show as anticipated aid. However, within the same day, you will see the funds posted to your Financial Account.
  • Monitor your PSU email for messages regarding aid disbursement and refunds.
  • Monitor your National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS) information (by logging into, for Direct Graduate PLUS Loan disbursement updates and loan servicer assignments.