Outside Scholarship Form Policy

When you apply for scholarships through an outside agency, they often require you to provide information about your costs, aid offer, and FAFSA. You can print this information directly from LionPATH.

Student Self-Service

You can find the links to view your Financial Aid Budget and Financial Aid Offer Letter in your LionPATH Student Home Base under the Financial Aid Offer. You will need to print the information and submit it to the scholarship agency.

Screenshot of Print Button for Financial Aid Award

Certification of Forms by our office

In the event that the scholarship agency is unwilling to accept the information that you have printed from LionPATH, requests to complete scholarship forms can be reviewed on a case by case basis with the understanding that the form can only be provided to the student for submission to the respective agency.

Similar consideration may be given to students who need to submit their scholarship forms before the information is available in LionPATH.