Cost of Attendance

The Cost of attendance (COA) is a budget for billable and non-billable expenses to attend Penn State for one academic year. Your COA is one determining factor of your financial aid eligibility.

Student aid, including loans, may never exceed a student's COA.

Your COA will vary based on the number of credits you take, the courses you choose, and your living arrangements. You can view your personalized budget on your Financial Aid Offer on LionPATH. Remember that your actual costs will vary as you may spend more or less than the budget allowances.

Expenses included in the Cost of Attendance

Billable Expenses

  • Tuition and fees
  • Room and meals (on-campus)

Non-Billable Expenses

  • Room and meals ( off-campus)
  • Books and supplies
  • Transportation*
  • Miscellaneous: laundry, clothes, personal care items, student insurance, and recreation*

*You may incur additional costs for transportation and personal expenses, estimated between $3,800 and $4,000 per year.

Estimated vs. Actual Expenses

For planning purposes, your Financial Aid Offer on LionPATH uses estimated expenses. Your actual billable expenses will appear on your tuition bill. Student aid is listed as a credit on the tuition bill.